Seafood Paella

Theres just something about Spanish culture that you just can’t help yourself loving. From cultural music and dances such as Salsa and Tango to the beautiful architectures of Spanish villas right down to cultural food; and Paella definitely fits the bill.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

“Decadent red velvet cupcakes topped with whipped cream cheese icing, finished with crumbled red velvet” Nothing says “I’m festive” more than a batch of freshly whipped red velvet cupcakes, true to some of the traditional festive colours red, white and green. I thought it would be rather fitting to bake some red velvets today considering…

Enchilada Pasta

Over the past week I’ve been down with the flu so I haven’t been able to make anything too extravagant, however I did manage to whip up some Enchilada Pasta. This dish is really easy to make and gives a nice twist to the popular Mexican dish.