Enchilada Pasta

Over the past week I’ve been down with the flu so I haven’t been able to make anything too extravagant, however I did manage to whip up some Enchilada Pasta. This dish is really easy to make and gives a nice twist to the popular Mexican dish.

1 onion diced
500g chicken cubed
1tsp cumin powder
1tsp salt
1tsp pepper
1tsp red chilli
Crushed garlic
Handful of mushrooms chopped
Tri colour peppers julienned
1-2 green chillies chopped
250ml mild salsa (or hot if you’d like)
Chilli sauce (any of your choice I used Maggi)
4-5tblsp flour
+/-100ml milk
Knob of butter
350g Penne pasta ( or any of your choice, it works better with Penne or Fusilli)
300ml sour cream (half for mixture and half for topping)
Cheddar or Mozzarella cheese grated
Jalapeño slices (for topping)
Samosa pur/ tortilla chips (pur is literally just the crispy outer pastry you find around a samosa)

1. In a pan sautee 1 onion diced with little oil
2. Then add cubed chicken along with crushed garlic, cumin powder, salt, pepper and red chilli powder. Cook until chicken is done.
3. Separately stir fry mushrooms, tri colour peppers and green chilli. Then add to chicken.
4. Add mild salsa sauce about 250ml
5. Add chilli sauce about 3-4 spoons and mix well.
6. Separately make a white sauce using butter, milk and flour (Make sure it’s nice and smooth, the key is to keep whisking till you get the right consistency).
7. Meanwhile boil pasta +/- 350g for about 12-15 mins.
8. Add half a tub of sour cream (150ml) and a handful of grated cheese.
9. Adjust taste to your liking and add spices accordingly if need be (e.g salt, pepper etc)
10. Fry samosa pur or tortilla chips till nice and crispy
11. Garnish with samosa pur, jalapeños and sour cream
12. Sprinkle parsley on top and serve with garlic bread and salad.



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