Simple Steps to Homemade Hummus

Simple Steps to the creamiest homemade hummus just like Lebanese restaurants”

After God knows how long I’ve take the liberty to finally get the effort to type out some recipes for my currently dormant blog (I’d like to say I’m sorry and insert hundred excuses but honestly I don’t really have anything besides I was busy, which isn’t good enough). Any who todays blog post is about the staple Lebanese starter Hummus.

Hummus is very well known across Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Served along side Mezze Platters consisting of Falafels, Tabouleh, Haloumi, Cucumber Labneh etc (Find my mezze platter recipe here). It is also mainly eaten with Pita bread but is also divine with my Coconut Date Bread Rings.

I’ve written out some clear steps to make the creamiest homemade Hummus at home, which tastes just as good or even better than the ones you find at the restaurants (note; my mouth is watering as I type this out).

Homemade Hummus


400 g can chickpeas (once drained and rinsed will equate to 240-250g chickpeas)

1 large lemon juiced

1/4 cup (2 heaped Tblsp) well-stirred tahini paste

1 small garlic clove minced

2 tblsp extra virgin oilve oil

1/2 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp salt

2 -3 tblsp water

Sprinkle of paprika

Coriander and pomegranates for decoration

1. Combine tahini paste and lemon juice in a food processor for roughly 30 seconds to a minute
2. Add 2tbslp olive oil, garlic, salt and ground cumin.
3. Process again for roughly 30 seconds.
4. Take the drained chickpeas and place a third of them into processor and process for about a minute. Repeat this process another two times (leave a few chickpeas for decoration).
5. To achieve the creamy hummus like you find in restaurants, slowly pour 1/4 cup water bit by bit into processed and process till desired consistency is achieved.
6. Spoon into bowl, drizzle olive oil, chickpeas, pomegranate and coriander (this is optional)
7. Serve with hot pita bread or my Coconut Date Bread Rings (click to find the recipe)

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