Date Biscuit Square/Truffles

We’ve had a surplus of dates this Ramadhan so much so that there isn’t enough days for the amount of dates lol! I decided to make date biscuits which are really easy to make, work well for both Eid and Ramadhan (for those that celebrate) and are a staple in my house. 

Date Biscuit Squares/Truffles

250g dates diced (preferably mejdool as they are softer)
200g Marie Biscuits or Digestives crumbled into small pieces
130g butter
100g sugar
1 egg
Chopped almonds (optional)
Desiccated coconut for decoration



1. In a pot heat the butter, then add in the sugar and stir until well incorporated.
2. Add in the dates and continue to mix until dates soften (it kind of releases it own oils)
3. Leave aside for 5 ish mins then quick mix in an egg  (do this step really fast to avoid egg frying in the heat)
4. Add in the Marie Biscuits and almonds (optional) and mix until well incorporated 
5. Either roll into round truffles or place in Pyrex dish and press down, top with coconut. Once cooled cut into diamonds or squares otherwise if you’ve decided to use the truffles option then drizzle with chocolate (I used dark, but milk is good too) by melting a handful of chocolate chips at 30 second intervals.


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