Ferrero Mousse with 5 Ingredients

I recently whipped up this Ferrero mousse recipe for Eid, I wanted something quick and simple as I was short on time and Burfee just didn’t seem possible (Eid without Burfee what is life?! Anyway…) I came across this Ferrero mousse recipe and if you know me well you’d know anything with Ferreros and you’ve won me over. With 5 ingredients you just can’t go wrong!! I will admit this recipe is sickly sweet and if your’e like my family who aren’t so keen on that, then I would recommend reducing the amount of caramel you add into the mixture. Find the recipe down below:

Ferrero mousse

1 tin Nestle caramel treat
300ml fresh cream
16 ferreros (6-8 crushed finely feel free to add more but make sure to leave some for the topping)
3 teaspoon cocoa powder
2-3 tablespoons Nutella melted

1. Beat the fresh cream till smooth and almost stiff.
2. Separately beat caramel treat with cocoa powder
3. Mix the two mixtures together till smooth.
4. Add the three tablespoons of melted Nutella to the mixture and fold in with a fork. Make sure you do not beat as this lets out the air
5. Crush 6-8 Ferreros in to fine pieces and mix with the mousse you made and set aside in the fridge.
6. Alternatively instead of mixing the Ferrero in your bowl you can put one layer of mousse and continue layering with crushed Ferrero and mousse till the top.
7. Once set (for at least 4 hours) decorate with remaining Ferrero, whipped cream and raspberries.


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