Hi and welcome to my food blog!

My name is Zafirah Kalla and I’m a current university student. I’ve been wanting to start a blog since the first day of uni but I’ve always been reluctant and skeptical on what it should be about. Fast forward three years and here I am finally deciding on a food blog. I think what mainly put me off is the indecisiveness and uncreative name I could find (not that my current one is anymore creative but lets swiftly move past that).

It’s just been over the last year that my love for food has stemmed and since then I’ve managed to accumulate a number of recipes. I’ve always been a passionate baker (and I’m basically the unofficial baker for my family) and to be honest I never really had a thing for cooking. I think it’s the creative aspect of baking that drew me in more, from creating delicate French macarons to drip birthday cakes to white chocolate creme brûlées the list goes on and thus left me neglecting cooking. However there comes a time when you finally realise sugar isn’t the only thing going to keep you alive. Ever since I’ve been trying to balance between cooking and baking. As mentioned before a lot of the recipes I have, have been accumulated from others and then have either been used to inspire new dishes or adapted with my own twist (if a recipe is completely someone else’s I will mention that!). I’m still trying to get the knack of making a recipe fully my own, so bear with me as I continue to blog.

As you may or may not know I was born in South Africa and bred in London. So while a lot of my recipes are still strong to my South African Indian roots you will notice a British twist to it too!

P.S – I am not a great food photographer (actually who am I kidding I am not a good photographer at all) so whilst some posts won’t look attractive, I promise you the food is heavenly!