Buttery English Scones

You’d probably know by now that I’m not a breakfast person, brunch is different so don’t quote me on all the brunch pictures you see! 🙈But when it comes to breakfast I either have a few sips of tea or the occasional sugary cereals (so unhealthy I know!!) I think it’s more to do with…

Ferrero Mousse with 5 Ingredients

I recently whipped up this Ferrero mousse recipe for Eid, I wanted something quick and simple as I was short on time and Burfee just didn’t seem possible (Eid without Burfee what is life?! Anyway…) I came across this Ferrero mousse recipe and if you know me well you’d know anything with Ferreros and you’ve…

Rainbow Popcorn

We were having a lazy day thanks to the dull weather in London (so much for summer 😒) and whilst watching a movie I decided to take a spin on the traditional sweet popcorn and make rainbow popcorn to help bright up everyone’s mood with the endless grey clouds outside.

Samosa Chaat

With the hot weather here in London I’ve been trying out different varieties of Chaat such as Patha (a bit like spinach), Samosa and Aloo chaat as opposed to soups which are more preferred in the winter.

Simple Steps to Homemade Hummus

“Simple Steps to the creamiest homemade hummus just like Lebanese restaurants” After God knows how long I’ve take the liberty to finally get the effort to type out some recipes for my currently dormant blog (I’d like to say I’m sorry and insert hundred excuses but honestly I don’t really have anything besides I was…

Banana & Oats Pancakes

The saying breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper doesn’t work well in my books. Some people love breakfast, however I struggle immensely with breakfast options. I just don’t know what to eat and as a result just opt for a bowl of cereal or a cup of tea….

Butternut, Avocado and Feta Salad

My salads have always been rather dull; I always end up making greek salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and feta (it gets super boring after a while!). So after searching for some new inspirations/ recipes for salads, I came across a few Butternut salads which sounded very interesting and thought why not share my own…

Seafood Paella

Theres just something about Spanish culture that you just can’t help yourself loving. From cultural music and dances such as Salsa and Tango to the beautiful architectures of Spanish villas right down to cultural food; and Paella definitely fits the bill.

Enchilada Pasta

Over the past week I’ve been down with the flu so I haven’t been able to make anything too extravagant, however I did manage to whip up some Enchilada Pasta. This dish is really easy to make and gives a nice twist to the popular Mexican dish.